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Victoria’s Secret
The New Crop
Leggings in an easy, wear-it-now length. Stop by and shop …more »
Ladies Go With The Flow
Soften up in a stylish mix of patterns and pastels. Effor …more »
$12.99 & Under Styles
Stop by and shop $12.99 & under styles for a limited time …more »

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Hours Vary
Easter Bunny Hours
Monday, April 13th at 10am
Momtopia Monday
Saturday, April 25th from Noon-5pm
Dayton Malls' Perfect Party Expo

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In The Spotlight

The Best Colors to Wear for Red Hair [video]

If you are a redhead, lucky you. But is it hard for you to find colors to flatter your fiery tresses? Don’t worry, Allison McNamara from POPSUGAR Fashion dispels myths and educates us on what to wear if you have red hair……
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At the Movies March 27th

By Tricia Romano
This week at the movies: Will Farrell and Kevin Hart acting ridiculous in an opposites-attract buddy movie; and something purple and squishy acts adorable for the kids…
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Jennifer Lopez’s Beauty Secrets [video]

Ever wonder how Jennifer Lopez achieves her flawless beauty? Sure, good genes play a role, but a good make-up routine also helps. In this video, Mary Phillips, Ms. Lopez’s make-up artist, shares some of this pop icon’s beauty secrets……
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Golf Fashion Trends for Women

By Katharine Scrivener
The good news for women golfers is that your style doesn’t have to take a back seat to your stroke - you can look good while also getting a hole in one. Not sure what’s trendy? Have no fear! We’re here with the latest in ladies golf fashion……
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4 Ways to Decorate with Indigo

Indigo – a bold yet calming color that is being seen more and more as a decorating neutral. To help you get on the latest style bandwagon, we’ve compiled the easiest ways to incorporate this beautiful blue into your everyday decor……
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Colorful Men’s Socks

By Katharine Scrivener
Socks. For some reason they seem to be a tricky accessory for men, often wearing the wrong pair with their outfit. Gone are the days of boring socks - black, navy, and brown can now be switched out for bright colors and bold patterns. And we’re here to tell you how……
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